The PreCum

by Lucid-Lu




Bout to fuck the world, this here The PreCum.
This project is only for promotional use, I'm making no money off this.


released May 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Lucid-Lu Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Absolute Infinite
Absolute infinite

It goes something like this young and righteous/
Lost in this world thats how life is/
Aint tryna appeal to anybody but my future self/
Pullin dusty ol records off my future shelf/
In my future house in the middle of nowhere/
Id rather not depend on a government for sustenance/
Cuz in my future house in the middle of nowhere/
We grow our own vegetables mind states and other shit/
Fortunes come and fortunes go/
And in this rat race for cheese im similar to a mole/
Blind to the shiny temptations tryna harm me/
I got my wardrobe at the Salvation Army/
A no no to most/
But them same mothufuckas saying that my swag is dope/
Does it matter I dont know, game I could bag a ho/
Does it matter hell naw , broads will be broads/
We could chill, and in the midst of it/
Tribulations talk jot thought make a list of em/
Uh drop shots take a sip of it/
My never endin bottle absolute infinite / x2
If I had a bottle of/
A never endin substance Id guzzle n guzzle like fuck it/
Id drink it all because/
I like a challenge granted its never gone happen/ x2
My longboardin brainwaves, smoother that a lane paved/
Streets are like crack, see the irony in that/
See what I believe is that, its easier achieving dreams/
Once you conceive of a unique scheme/
Even tho TV dreams breed sheep/
You feelin surrounded, dont worry breathe deep/
Cuz you aint gonna be shit/
Accept it its no secret/
Track Name: Life of a Zombie
Life of a Zombie
Verse 1
No sadness in the life of a zombie/
I wander calmly as my granite heart beats/
Softly like the boom-bap/
the cold plasma passes though the ancient life tracks/
The sun beats on my dead flesh/
I’m talking shit to Jah, cuz Im the opposite of blessed/
10.1 late night sippin , vital organ killin, synonymous with livin/
So with a 40 by my side like 39/
Braincells rot thoughts from a dirty mind/
12 steps only brought me to the same place again/
The pamphlet said the path would shed a spiritual awakening/
Public intoxication is the ticket/
Turning pigs to bacon bits is the mission/
Im feeling hungry man I’m dinin on dimes/
Flesh n thighs, eyes breast n spine/
Ey yo Lu?, Are you going with that?/
C’mon son, Itll just hold you back/
Uh huh uh huh, In the life of a zombie
just cheap wine magnums n RnB/ x2
Verse 2
No sadness in the life of a zombie /
No pain harms me, no tasks daunting/
No regrets haunt me, no odds slow me/
No broads call me, nobody knows me/
No pleasure draws me, but somebody owes me an explanation/
But nobody knows shit, Flow so sick/
I omit whole dialogues oh so potent/
Im getting texts like when we gone fuck/
Im a zombie hoe you know I can’t get it up/
Unless you give me brains let me nibble on your intellect/
In exchange I’ll give the big ol dick n jet/
5 hour walk half a flask of poison/
Sippin liquor as my guts rot im laughin at the noises/
My liver leakin my bloods toxic/
Im nauseous my mouth frothing its dripping on the concrete/
Verse 3
I awoke from a state of comatose, with a swollen nose/
Bunny ears pockets and some broken bones/
I’m a zombie got it from my chromosomes/
The scientist says that I’m prone to overdose/
That’s why I pour till it over flows/
With a 40 from the corner store, now I’m makin motions home/
Stopped at a bar owned by a clone of Moe/
He asked me bout the holes in my dome I don’t know/
Yo, I took a seat on a S-t double O-L/
Next to a joe blow and a bro in a polo/
We got to talkin bout the whole world and how the globes gong to shit/
Then we talked about a bitch/
Then we talked about a women/
Then we talked about shit we wanna do but know we shouldn’t/
Just then I felt a sudden pain, in waves/
My sight began to fade and ahh…/
Track Name: 3,41
Do ideals die with riches and shine/
Will mine, is it me or them whos still blind/
Im tryin, surviving for a purpose more than funds/
With 3,41 Im seeing dreams forming son/
Cuz it’s a dollar and a dream, nickel and a knack/
Quarter and a quest dime destiny can you guess the rest/
Penny and a passion toonie and a tale/
3,41 that’s my budget to escape from hell/

Verse 1
Blowin up in my city mythological/
To me that myth illogical/
On rare occasions do I sit and chronic pull/
But I had equations that itched the follicles/
Tryna profit off a passion /
but if cash ends is the target itll tarnish all the rappin/
Artist dollars all this nonsense/
From this G stream of conscious, we gone flee feeble profits/
We gone eat, we gone beat, we gone see Neo’s optics/
Coveted like the tickets in Wonka chocolates/
Green emerald sages hades of currency/
What we need for our current siege of this industry/
And you aint getting da green if you aint got a degree/
So the story goes but you aint gotta agree/
You can follow your dreams or you can do it with tactics/
Im officially the bobby fisher of this rap shit/

Verse 2/
22 in 12 days shit/
Knock knock in the AM it’s the bailiff/
I know you are indifferent to my hustle, your just muscle/
But your lil job causing me trouble/
But that’s what money do, yeah that’s what money do/
Peasants fukin over peasants for an extra buck or two/
If that’s your prime motivator I don’t fuck with you/
And im just late on parking tickets from like may or month of june/
Live it up consume from the womb to the grave kid/
Same game different stages, Same slave different wages/
Grave shit feels outrageous when the pay is oh so doodoo/
Its coocoo the duties dudes do to cruise in some new shoes, true blues/
More of a rant that it is a sermon/
Scholars place me in political boxes I never heard of/
It’s a shit blizzard out there and Im quite nauseous/
With a bottle cap a wallet and some change in my pocket/
Track Name: Cold Roam (Prod. Kid Masterpiece)
Cold Roam
Verse 1
Been getting fucked up too often/
Abused thoughts spin and so my brain cells view coffins/
I do not swim in a sea of blue dolphins/
Hennessey and brews calm him, a few longs sips/
Now I’m watching clocks spin/
So high class sipping cheap wine out a pint glass/
Its red like her lips, she got a fine ass/
Im in this dimes pants, cuz she vibed to LIBAD/
Ey yo but thank you tho, for helping me escape/
You and Bacardi shall get a postcard from the far reach/
Of my brain, see im dreaming while awake/
Where I scheme and contemplate yup Lucid they call me/
Under the influence only cuz Im overwhelmed/
Ill open up in pour it out you soak it up absorb it well/
Need an oasis from this cold matrix/
Its so basic, so basic I I/
I need a spot to my own, spot to my own/
Got my girls crib but that’s where her world is/
I need a spot to my own, spot to my own/
Got a home but there Im never alone/
I need a spot to my own, spot to my own/
Where I can just breathe breathe, be/
I need a spot to my own, spot to my own/

The search grows old uh a cold roam/
Verse 2
My melancholy motivation is to
FInd out a jolly location, I told you Im/
Finna build a house in the middle of nowhere/
Low maintenance in a grove with a rose fragrance/
Uh, my city's mother earths lumpy boob/
And I’m a grumpy dude bumping tunes in my fucking groove/
Still Im loving youth coming through with a stunning truth/
Would you like to hear it, hears a cunning clue/
Have you ever felt like you stand out right from the citizens/
Fuck this concrete grid that I’m living in/
We in a world where the villains win and the innocent/
Act as instruments for the sinner whims/
Lifes a spoonful of cinnamon/
Im livin in a fantasy resembling reality/
Ever since I been a little kid I vowed to be a better man/
And im getting there And Im getting there but but but/
See I been Roamin like Cesar for a minute/
These cold streets’ll turn believers into cyinics/
And Im just tryna stay warm, cuz your frozen when U lose your motion/
N fuck all this emotion right?/
Track Name: Ni**a in Andromeda
Ni**a in Andromeda
In layman terms fuck the drama bra/
Man on the moons cool, but I’m that nigga in Andromeda/
Verse 1
You petty people and your petty problems/
Your petty borders, spaghetti worship, your petty rock spins/
Wardens is congress wars over fortunes its nonsense/
What’s a full wallet in a coffin/
Caution this is not knowledge but perspective/
Sent from the limits of your telescopic lenses/
Dinosaurs in Benzes, Climate soars who cares its/
Not an issue there no menu with a polar bear dish/
At the Manhattan project yall learned to split atoms/
Could have focused it on energy you only think of weaponry/
Youll be the 6th planet in your region to self-destruct/
Shit happens especially to selfish fucks/
And why the fuck would aliens visit you/
A depressing presence oppressing peasants, its da truth/
Im spaced out like niggas in the burbs, word/

To the clouds beyond that, Woah/
Past the satellites that Viacom has/
Too far to broadcast, Woah/
Travel fast as light I’m still a far man/
In layman terms fuck the drama bra/
Man on the moons cool, but I’m that nigga in Andromeda/

Verse 2
I take a swig and then put on the glove/
As I proceed to fuck the world from beyond the sun/
Moon and stars, carpe diem killing everything from noon to dawn/
Which leaves you mourning-morning, moving on/
I place bets on the insect success since/
Aint no bees ever plot a siege on the queen/
But the shameful apes enslaved by wagell rage against machine/
They cant all agree that’s why my chips are with ant colonies/
I will give one thing to the humans/
They’re the master of illusion, crafters of confusion/
Distraction of the masses from the chapels to the newsroom/
The allure of the blue pill, it soothes them/
Every man for himself will lead to your demise/
The victor multiplies, The empire will divide/
The process will repeat, technology increase/
One miscalculation and the roaches will be free/
Track Name: What About
What About
She said what about us what about hugs/
What about trust what about love/
He said what about whips, what about chicks/
What about drinks what about this/
Verse 1
He remembers all the burns n sores/
Penetrating gazes dazed n entered like a Persian sword/
Documentaries would rock’em zen to sleep/
Memories would haunt him mentally all attempts to dream/
Halted program control delete alted/
Love ideals all dressed up in coffins/
New car, nude broads/
Shoes off booze stains on foutons/
Just friends does not compute/
Knock boots, knock boots, knock boots/
Trival lies game trivialized/
Time to resurrect the dead love given you life/
A wife naw a wife eh a wife maybe/
A new day a prototype and a faint breeze/
No tricks but a trained beast/
Same dame shrieks same jade stained sheets/
At 8 weeks he found stability and balance/
Less distractions focused on abilities and talents/
An affinity for spittin heat is simply his outlet/
You can access his mind with address and a mouse click/
Doubt hits with a swift jab/
A 3 to 4 week binge brought the shit back/
Lets just say he was a bit rash/
Now he explaining how he didn’t realize time zip past/
Skip class just to lay n chill/
Play n feel the body of his work aswell as her lady hiils/
He gotta dip quick text her when the sunsets/
He never stay for breakfast silently she upset/
She wanna talk he blow it off like give it time/
She wanna grow he growin on the dolo just fine/
A fertilized mind blind to her struggle/
When suddenly she bursts, his paradise is but a bubble/
We aint even growin and you never show emotion/
Do you even feel baby would you care if I left/
Youd only miss the pussy so sucka fuck ya comfort zone/
Ive been sleepless so Im leavin no I wont pick up the phone/
Thoughts racin through my head as I lay in bed/
Amongst the shouts n tears shed basically she said/
Track Name: Ghosts

Do you still believe in , still believe in ghosts/
Ive been having a hard time battling dark mind/
Do you still believe in still believe in ghosts/
Why won’t he admit it, tryna be a cynic/

Verse 1
I darkly believe that the heartbeats a countdown/
Livin to die without a bridge to the sky/
A death bed conversion do that count now/
Faith out of desperation is that how/
You believe, was your conclusion in grace/
Or a childhood inheritance for you to not face/
Fate as I see it, the stink of waste as I breathe in/
A pagan, A heathen/
But in my neighborhood nobody bleed from IEDS /
And if I really wanted could reach the Ivy leagues/
No pathogen in my green tea just sheep on my t.v/
So its easy for me to accept what I see/
If you get what I mean, I’m confused/
Not seduced by the green cuz I never seen her boobs/
So these type of topics probably never fill my wallet/
Spit cuz I’m feelin spirit but what to call it/
Verse 2
There’s many enemies n friends Ill never see again/
And all I got is fading memories of them/
I was 5 when Pac died/
Then the Hologram arrived, forever we pretend/
As I brush this dusty photo album feeling the cold/
Understanding natives view of pictures stealin your soul/
But not agreeing naw, it’s just a crude replacement/
What we got here is a phantom in the form of duplication/
Empathy time machine the fuel is face expressions/
Your medulla will confuse ya when it choose to make connections/
If you wanna see a ghost than your will a fake a presence/
Make an essence it’s a glitch in brain ethics/
Cuz, supposed to portray reality/
The portrait that you handed me is full a fallacies/
So hell naw I don’t believe in ghost but I see’em/
Don’t believe in spirits but a nigga feel em/
Track Name: Midnight (Feat. Naema)

I think and I think till I frown, drink till I drown/
Sink to the brink of the ground/
Now, insync with the sound/
Wink at the shrink tryna figure me out/
Verse 1
Im zoned out when I read about reality/
Im turning pages and the words are like an allan key/
The screws loosen on my sanity, believe this/
Humanity surrounding me all plan to land a G6/
But who am I to criticize ambitions of the masses/
Villainies there vision, trivialize their tactics/
I need a fast fix dash quick n flip my flask lid n sip/
Till my liver in a casket/
But part of me know one day Im going to stop/
The heart in me know, I’ll take it to the top/
Whats the motivation in this soulless nation/
Its more or less moraless I guess it makes sense see/
Some people twist theories to justify their sins/
Like Darwins they’ll harm kin all just to find there ends/
When the sunrise I think damn this is real life/
Uh, lll find escape at Midnight/
Oh Where do we go where we go/
Sayin oh where do we go where do we go
Oh Where do we go where we go/
Sayin oh where do we go where do we go/
Oh Where do we go where we go/
Sayin where do we go where do we go
Found peace in the middle of the night/
Damn right Im feelin nice/

Verse 2
Im just a lucid prodigy, Bacardi in my arteries/
Its 5am n hard to see hung over feelin wobbly/
Breath like ricotta cheese vomit looks like autumn leaves/
Hey man a part of me just gotta leave/
So I withdraw to sheets n fall asleep its all a dream/
That’s my Philosophy I’m deep as fossils be/
Im also possibly the product of a condom leak/
But that would be a conscious deed of which is out my fathers reach/
We modern Greeks n all believe in a mythology/
An obvious scene from the bottom of economies/
Follow a mirage n wander into pockets, seek/
Knowledge of the gods but that’s not a topic college teach/
The prophet speaks of prophecy that’s not me but Im promising/
Ill plot a siege to the source and from the core abolish greed/
Elites in congress bleed by mean of peace no laws are breached/
Dawn has reached and I just wish my clock would read/

I think and I think till I frown, drink till I drown/
Sink to the brink of the ground/
Now, insync with the sound/
Wink at the shrink tryna figure me out/ x3